InterActive Rus is a Russian company supporting international students in their applications to Russian Universities. With experience in global education we focus on all types of programmes across Russia, based in Russia with direct access to university doors. 


Education in Russia is known for its quality and depth. If you are a student at a Russian university you will get detailed and fundamental knowledge about your subject. Higher education has different goals in different countries. Some educational systems will help you become a professional with entrepreneurial mind, some will concentrate on social skills and this is great! But Russian education system will help you have the answer to any question, solve any problem as a professional because knowledge you get is deep and full. It is a fact that Russia gives the world some of the best doctors, mathematicians, engineers, artists, IT specialists and many other professionals.

Russian universities have great experience of working with international students. Foreign students have been studying in Russia since the end of the 19th century. Modern Russia welcomes almost 250,000 international students every year from around 170 countries. Around 60% are students from Asia. North Africa and Middle East share second place with around 20%, while South Africa takes about 19%. 5% of all students come to Russia from European countries.

Russia is the country with lots of choices and it has something for everybody. First of all there are 766 universities in Russia and you can find almost any degree. Most of the programmes are taught in Russian, but if you do not know Russian universities will offer you a preparartion year first. There is a growing number of Degrees offered in English, especially in IT, Business, Economics, Management and others.

It is much more affordable to get a Bachelor or Master Diploma from a Russian university than from any of the US, Canadian or UK university, but leading Russian universities can easily compete with many of the Western institutions in terms of academic preparation and practical approach.
Students can expect to pay from 2,500 USD to 4,000 USD per year for tuition on average.